What You Can Learn from Athletes

At the end of an athletic or sporting event featuring professional athletes, those that avail themselves for interviews often point to a common theme when discussing their path to success: it didn’t come without blood, sweat and tears. Some athletes even say that a race was won during the months of training and practice. Indeed, what viewers see on the field is the culmination of hours of hard work.

We can learn a great deal from sports; lessons that are quite useful in almost every aspect of life.

Goal setting

You probably have heard about the importance of goal setting before. It bears repeating though: You require a clear plan of action in the form of short and long term goals to accomplish a dream. Goals give you an easy way to track progress.

Envision success

More to having goals is being able to envision success in your mind. Successful athletes take the time to picture success before they even get out on the field. Performing at a high level requires a great deal of mental strength, yet many overlook this.

Pick yourself up

Mistakes and errors are part of human life. Elite athletes acknowledge this fact and aspire to learn and move on from any mistakes. Don’t dwell on past mistakes, as it will cloud your focus. The key to progressing is to pick yourself up, shake the dust off, and move on.

Leslie Griesdorf Dentist is a former successful dentist who has strived to live a healthy life through regular exercise. Since high school, he has exercised four times a week and engaged in martial arts (karate), earning a brown belt in the process.

Dining Etiquette

Proper dining etiquette is not obvious to many people. Knowledge of, at the very least, essentials of good etiquette are necessary to avoid any mistakes and attention that comes afterward. For many businesspeople, etiquette is required to make a good impression. Most of us require a refresher on occasion, which is covered below.

Making reservations

A restaurant reservation is like any appointment you make in the course of your personal or business life. Ask for reservations at a restaurant if you know you can make it. If you are going to be late, call ahead and let the restaurant know. Cancel the reservation as far in advance as you can to ensure that the reservation can be given to someone else.


At a restaurant, you are allowed to start only when everyone else at the table has been served. At a private party, wait until the host picks up their fork to eat. This is your cue to begin eating unless the host insists that you can go ahead without them.


It’s a confusing topic, but the basic rule is you eat to left and drink to your right. Any food on your left is yours, as is any drink to the right. When using silverware, start with the silverware to the farthest of your plate.

General rules

Always arrive early, preferably ten minutes before the scheduled start, and follow the dress code specified. If you are attending a private party, bring a small gift for the hostess, something they will not be obliged to use during the event.

Since Leslie Griesdorf closed his private dentistry practice, he has taken to enjoying life through stock exchange investment and dining out with his family.

Looking for that Dentist

So you looking for a dentist and need some advice. The problem is you don’t know where to start. A number of friendly suggestions truly help somebody answer these questions. Behind it all you must consider the situation at hand. If you are moving and you have a turn dentist they can often make a recommendation because at this have a pretty thorough network and awareness of who they would refer people to give them the chance. You can also ask people in your family, neighbors coworkers and so on for their recommendations. Another place to find information about a dentist is to talk to a local pharmacist or a family doctor. Finally every locality and state is likely to have a dental organization which are associated with the biggest of them all the ADA, also known as the American dental Association.

At this point is you have a handful of means there are some further things to consider when it comes to selecting the dentist who to visit. You need to consider the location, how easy it is to get to, what office hours they hold when it comes to convenience. Another thing to consider is information about dentist practice putting what type of arrangements are made for handling emergencies outside of business hour, what type of anesthesia the dentist is certified in using, whether they participate in your available health plan and a number of other questions. With this information you have a good starting point from which to find a dentist. Leslie Griesdorf Dentist retired from this industry after a long career and caring for many patients. He often shares his advice about finding a new dentist for people.

Staying Fit for Life

People of all walks of life are focusing on their health and wellness they are staying fit for life. With just a few easy rules people can achieve their goals by committing themselves to staying in shape. Bodies change as they grow older. Leslie Griesdorf has experienced this as he is a retired dentist since 2004. He has always stayed fit however and has dedicated himself to training his body to stay in condition.

Leslie Griesdorf often tells people that if they feel the effects of age, old injuries or wait, they need to start doing something about their physical fitness. There’s little you can do about your fitness yesterday, but there is a lot you can do about today and the future. He recommends that people not beat themselves down every time they train and suggests that individuals should be stimulating their body during training but with caution not to overdo it.

It is important to consider the role of recovery becomes more important as we age. Another aspect to keeping fit for life is to listen to your body. Sure, working your muscles to exhaustion or pass a certain limit is part of the great experience of conditioning, but when something is truly hurt or eggs for too long, it could be a sign of or a confirmation of an serious injury.

Unfortunately, there is a truth that the worst injuries are the ones that an individual is aware of, yet they have convinced themselves that they can work through it somehow. Those little injuries do not alert the alarms in a significant way and if the pain is tolerable, an individual may try to push past it. It is important to pay attention to your body and if you do commit to a regular schedule of healthy exercise you two can stay fit for life.

Leslie Griesdorf Former Dentist - Building Endurance

Leslie Griesdorf is a former dentist who loves to workout. One of the reasons why he enjoys working out so much is because he likes to be able to stay active and keep up with the high energy levels of his grandchildren. The family man loves to spend time with them and try he best to use active like they are. For this reason, Leslie Griesdorf does a substantial amount of endurance, strength, and balance exercises to keep him spry and healthy.

Endurance exercises are the ones that can be done at varying levels. When Leslie Griesdorf was a dentist, he met a variety of people who would mention what they did for their endurance training. Running and jogging are the most popular forms, however, Leslie Griesdorf likes to mention that swimming and biking are excellent alternatives as well. All of these exercises will increase the heart right during the person’s performance. The increased heart rate during the extended period will build endurance.

Before Leslie Griesdorf was a dentist, he spent some time in the medical field. Ultimately, his time in the medical industry was short lived, choosing dental surgery over medical surgery. However, while he was in the medical field, he noted the focus that many would mention to patients about exercising. For Leslie Griesdorf, he has been working out four times a week since he was in high school. He was even on the Carlton Park Baseball Team. Leslie Griesdorf Dentist continues his workouts in endurance, strength building, and maintaining balance to avoid falls.


Leslie Griesdorf Former Dentist - Finding Great Dental Care

Leslie Griesdorf was a dentist for many years. He successfully provided hundreds of patients with the exact care that everyone would like to have from their oral surgeon. The great oral care that he provided came through the years of experience that he had, his genuine care for his patients, and applying the service he would like to have if he were the patient. During his time in the dental industry Leslie Griesdorf was associated with the Ontario Dental Industry and the Canadian Dental Industry.

Now that Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist, the genuine care for people that he has given did not go away. In fact, he knack for customer service is what he recommends patients should look for in their potential dentist. Griesdorf believes that people should continue to receive great oral care, even if he is no longer the dentist to give it to them. Often Leslie Griesdorf will give advice on choosing a dentist.

One major aspect that Leslie Griesdorf a previous dentist says clients should monitor is the cleanliness and orderliness of the dental facility. Though there are times when a dental office gets busy and paperwork is all over the place, a facility should never consistently look as though its falling apart. An office should maintain the neatness. How the staff treats a client directly affects how the service will be. If they are willing to answer questions and be genuinely helpful to the client, the potential patient can rest assured that they have chosen a good place for their dental care.

Leslie Griesdorf Former Dentist: Questions to ask a Dentist

   Leslie Griesdorf is a former dentist who has help hundred of people throughout his lengthy career. The Canadian is proud to have been associated with the Ontario Dental Association as well as the Canadian Dental Association. However, when Leslie Griesdorf retired in 2004, these dental associations were sad to have one of their best leave them, but happy that they were able to have him as a part of their association for such an extended period of time.


   Since Leslie Griesdorf was a dentist, he understands that patients go through a variety of obstacles when they are choosing a dentist for themselves and their family. They want to make sure that they care they are receiving is top notch. For these people, Leslie Griesdorf offers advice on what to do when choosing a dentist.

   Leslie Griesdorf performed dental surgery for many of his patients, he knows exactly what clients should look for in their potential dental office. First they should check the hours. If the dental office is only open from nine to five, Monday through Friday, will you be able to make that time frame? That time commitment is something that clients should consider. Also, you have an emergency, what are the processes that the dental facility will go through in order to help you in your time of dire need. What happens if you miss a previously scheduled appointment? Leslie Griesdorf is a former dentist who knows life happens and sometimes people miss an appointment. Many of these time-related questions are important to answer when choosing a dentist.